Tuesday, November 04, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

We had a great Halloween. In fact, I think it was our best one yet! This has a lot to do with the fact that Chris was home for the whole day and helped with all of the details, making my day relaxed and easy. Last year, if you recall, I did all sorts of running around and ended up eating more than my share of candy just out of stress. I told Chris that I definitely don't want to spend another Halloween without him!

Thomas had a party at school, so Chris and I decided to take Gord and Neil to the Cache Valley Mall for some mid-day trick-or-treating. Ah, the mall. I think Halloween may easily be it's busiest day of the year, traffic wise. The people-watching was almost as fun as the treats! I was honestly tempted to take some pictures of some of the more interesting and laughable costumes (those were costumes, right?), but in the interest of being polite, I only got a few of our cute Gord collecting his hundred tootsie rolls.

His day was so fun and exciting that a nap on the kitchen table couldn't be avoided. And look how cute Chris is-- he dressed as a Ute fan. :)

Little Neilstus didn't have a costume, but he looked extra cute in his monkey shirt from Grammuh over his Halloween jammies. You may need to look closely at his shirt-- that is a monkey body. I sent a pix message to Caitlan of a similar image and she replied asking if it was lava spit-up on Neil's shirt. Ha ha! He's making the "I'm ready to sleep now" face, which is on par for 3PM when I took this picture.

After Thomas came home, it was time to get down to business. I made our traditional Halloween dinner of chili and scones (YUM!), which the boys were forced to eat-- we even had to call Grammuh to have her remind Gordon of the "no chili, no trick-or-treating" rule. I am currently the only one in our family who really loves chili, although Thomas is coming around. Despite this, Chris agrees that tradition is tradition, and we're going to keep having chili on Halloween night.

Finally, it was time to get into costume. The boys were really decked out-- we put extra black spray-in hair dye on their heads and took extra care with the mustaches and eyebrows. They were so excited! They even put a little music video together of the Mario Brothers Rap!

Chris took Thomas and Gordon around our neighborhood while Neil and I stayed home and passed out candy. It was so warm afterward that we all sat out on the front porch and chatted with our neighbors while the kids chased each other with plastic glow sticks in the yard. It was actually quite idyllic.

Once inside, the boys couldn't wait to unload their loot. They certainly did well for themselves this year!

Just to show you how much make-up and hair goo went into these simple costumes, here's Gord washing off:

After showers, jammies and six pieces of candy each, we all snuggled up and watched "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" together. It was the perfect way to end our perfectly wonderful Halloween!


Marilyn said...

Cute cute little sniggins! Did Gorgor leave a ring around the tub?

Becca said...

I like Gord's pretty long eyelashes shining through even all that black goo and soap.

Might have to copy your costumes next year--my boys are crazy about those Mario brothers. Maybe Mollie could be Princess Toadstool???

becky ward said...

the cutest costumes EVER! and neil is so adorable in his monkey suit. sounds like you had a very enjoyable halloween. ours was CRAZY! love ya!

Caitlan said...

Yes- I love it when I get mentioned in your blog!

And the boys look awesome- haha I love that one of Gordon with gray suds all over him. Looks like it was way fun!

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

What a perfect Halloween. Your family is so dang cute. We miss you guys.

Elena said...

That last picture is AWESOME! What great costumes and cute kids.

shannon said...

wait, chris "dressed up" as a Ute fan? stretching it a bit aren't we...haha!

Mandie said...

Cute costume idea! They are so cute! It sounds like you had a great Halloween.